La Ribera
is located in Solsonès, a Catalan county known to many as the land of a thousand cottages. Its privileged location in the middle of Catalonia makes the region an area of transition between the central plains and the Pyrenees. Hence, the outstanding diversity of its landscapes, from the clay and limestone areas of the southernmost part of the county to the beech and conifer forests in the Pyrenees foothills.

Fours rivers flow through the Solsonès region, ensuring the perennial greenness and freshness of the riverbanks.
La Ribera is very close to the most important one, the river Cardener, which flows through the lands of Clariana and Navès. The small reservoir of Sant Ponç was built in this section of the river about fifty years ago and today has become a popular spot for fishing, swimming and all sorts of water sports and activities.

Even though the campsite is less than three kilometres away from the main road that links the towns of Cardona and Solsona, it's located in a rural area, away from the noise of the cities. The tranquillity of the place and the lush surrounding forests allow you to enjoy the stillness of the morning, broken only by the tweeting birds and the sound of the water whispering down the creek.

The main accesses to La Ribera are the roads C-55 (Abrera-Manresa-Solsona) and C-26 (Solsona-Berga). On the C-55, take the exit to Sant Ponç at the 70 km signpost, right after crossing the La Flauta tunnel (if you're driving northward) or La Guardia tunnel (if you're driving southward). On the C-26, take the exit to Sant Ponç reservoir at the 116.5 km signpost. You can plan your itinerary with viamichelin, setting "25290 Sant Ponç" as your destination point.

This is the best option to get here for those without a private vehicle. Take the Alsa bus line that goes between Andorra-Barcelona and get off at Canpons stop. From there, there's a 2.5 km walk to the campsite. You can also go to Solsona and take a 10 km taxi ride to La Ribera.

Train and taxi
Coming by train is also an option, although the closest station is in Manresa, 35 km far from the campsite. There are two train lines that stop in Manresa: Rodalies de Renfe (R4) and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Llobregat-Anoia line). Once in Manresa you'll have to take a taxi to Sant Ponç reservoir.

Càmping La Ribera is at the southeastern corner of Solsonès county, in the province of Lleida. These are our coordinates:

UTM: 31N x = 384427; y = 4646369
GPS: 41º 57' 32" N 1º 36' 8" E

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