01. Sant Ponç reservoir and surroundings
02. Busa and Aigua d’Ora
03. The Vall de Lord and north Solsonès
04. Ribera Salada
05. The city of Solsona
06. From Catalonia's geographical center to the west
07. Cardona and Bages
08. Bergueda
01. Sant Ponç reservoir and surroundings

Near the campsite, the Sant Ponç reservoir and its blue waters is a perfect spot to practice all sorts of water sport. Sant Ponç is also a good fishing spot, as is the Cardener river.

Its calm water and beach-like shores makes this place an ideal area for swimming, for kayaking or for just soaking your feet in the water. There are a thousand corners to explore...

The road around the reservoir is suitable for cars, by bycicles or for walking. Half way around, you can turn off and pay a brief visit to the church and crypt of Sant Esteve of Olius, a prototypical example of Catalan Romanesque style. Opposite the church there's an intriguing art-deco cemetery built into large rocks, designed at the beginning of the 20th century by Bernadí Martorell, a disciple of Gaudí.
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