01. Sant Ponç reservoir and surroundings
02. Busa and Aigua d’Ora
03. The Vall de Lord and north Solsonès
04. Ribera Salada
05. The city of Solsona
06. From Catalonia's geographical center to the west
07. Cardona and Bages
08. Berguedà
04. Ribera Salada

In the western side of the county, away from the Pyrenees foothills, you can go for a swim in the Ribera Salada river. From there you can walk up to the village of Castellar de la Ribera, where you can visit a traditional rural school, and continue to Sant Julià de Ceuró, an impressive Romanesque church. Further down, in Ogern, the river gets much wider and becomes a sort of natural pool. Up north, near its source, the water is particularly cold, since the river flows between rocks and canyons. Walking up the riverbed is an experience that you'll never forget.

In this area, inhabited since ancient times, many Neolithic funerary remains have been discovered and preserved, such as the necropolis of Ceuró or the dolmens of Llor, Clot del Solà or La Pera. Nearby, blending naturally into the landscape, there is the Ribera Salada Golf Club.
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