01. Sant Ponç reservoir and surroundings
02. Busa and Aigua d’Ora
03. The Vall de Lord and north Solsonès
04. Ribera Salada
05. The city of Solsona
06. From Catalonia's geographical center to the west
07. Cardona and Bages
08. Berguedà
05. The city of Solsona

Solsona, the county's capital, is also an episcopal see. The enormous historical significance of this fact has given its streets and squares a noble and aristocratic character. The walls, which still have three of its former five entrance gates, protect the old quarter and its many remarkable civilian buildings, like the Ajuntament (the town hall), la Torre de les Hores, the Palau Llobera, the art-decó Hotel Sant Roc, the ice well and many others.

The jewel of the crown is undoubtedly the Cathedral. The dominant style is Gothic, although it retains elements of the previous Romanesque church (the three apses and the bell tower), and is devoted to the Mare de Déu del Claustre (a masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture). Attached to the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, which occupies part of the Neoclassical bishop's palace, contains one of the most important collections of Catalan medieval art.

Solsona is well-known for its rich and diverse folklore, from the solemnity of traditional celebrations like the Festa Major or Fira de Sant Isidre to the deliciously bizarre Carnaval.
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