01. Sant Ponç reservoir and surroundings
02. Busa and Aigua d’Ora
03. The Vall de Lord and north Solsonès
04. Ribera Salada
05. The city of Solsona
06. From Catalonia's geographical center to the west
07. Cardona and Bages
08. Berguedà
07. Cardona and Bages

In the neighboring county of Bages, just 10 km far from the campsite, the village of Cardona stands out for its impressive castle and the salt deposits that provided the city with wealth for many centuries. Today, the extraction business is closed but the mines have become a major tourist attraction, a salty subterranean landscape that has no equal in Europe. Cardona's charm is well evident in each of its corners, streets and squares, crowded with locals every Sunday for the weekly market.

Not far from Cardona, the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, one of the jewels of monastic architecture in Catalonia, has recently been turned into an interesting multidisciplinary center. On your way there you will find many castles, churches and watchtowers.

Súria's old quarter is worth a visit, as well as the castle and the church of Coaner and the castle of Balsareny. Do not miss Manresa, the county's lively capital. On your way from the campsite to Manresa (just a 20 min drive) you'll come across Valls and Palà de Torroella, two villages founded at the end of the 19th century as textile company towns, which took advantage of the river Cardener as a power source.
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