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Distintiu de Garantia de Qualitat Ambiental

In the 2000 Càmping LA RIBERA was awarded the Distintiu de Garantia de Qualitat Ambiental for its responsible management of the environment. We have been pushing forward in this direction since, commited to a line of tourism development that has quality and sustainability as its capital values. Our commitment to this model lead us to constantly improve our services, for which our clients' collaboration is greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the rules we kindly request you to follow:

• A responsible use of the fountains, avoiding wasting water.
• Separate waste and recycle it into the different containers for paper, plastic, glass, batteries, oil and generik junk.
• Respect gardens, trees and plants in and out of the Càmping premises.
• Keep silence and avoid loud noises.
• Avoid using motorized vehicles as much as possible.
• Keep the area clean and don't forget to pick up after your pets.
• Use environmentally friendly products.

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